501(c)3 Non-profit Organization. Owned and operated by licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators. We specialize in the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Opossums, Serving Connecticut with a Focus on Northeast CT

Federal USDA Class C Permit and CT DEEP Approved to house non-releasable educational ambassadors.

Permits to provide educational programs in CT, MA, and RI



Ferncroft Wildlife Rescue is committed to providing a public service by offering skilled care for distressed wildlife. The goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to provide professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals so that ultimately they can be returned to their natural habitat.

Care for the animals ranges from Vet bills, medication, medical supplies, supplements, formula, food, cages, beds, and beyond.

Wildlife rehabilitators work with veterinarians to assess injuries and diagnose a variety of illnesses. Rehabilitators must also be able to administer basic first aid and physical therapy and understand any dangers the animals may present to rehabilitators.  We provide sheltered housing, medical care, and nutrition to animals in our care.

When appropriate we transport wildlife from finders or other rehabbers to appropriate rehab rescue sites.

As rehabilitators, we provide an understanding and respect for all Connecticut wildlife, by offering educational programs and practical assistance with wildlife issues.

Wild animals that sustain injuries or illnesses preventing them from living successfully in the wild usually are euthanized (have their suffering ended in a humane fashion). Occasionally, individual animals that have recovered from their injuries but are not able to survive in the wild are placed in educational facilities.

We hold our license through the CT DEEP to care for sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. We hold a Federal USDA Permit to house educational/ambassador animals.  We also hold permits to present educational programs in MA and RI.


Pam Lefferts

Pam Lefferts

Wildlife Rehabilitator

Pamela A. Lefferts is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in CT. Retired after many years in the field of education, Pam is the “hands-on” partner and does the critical medical care of the animals, preparing them for release.

Bill Leffert

Bill Lefferts

Wildlife Rehabilitator

William H. Lefferts is a licensed CT Rehabilitator and Transporter. Bill retired after teaching secondary school moderate to severe special needs children for over 40 years. Bill takes responsibility for maintaining the rescue grounds and facilities. Bill helps with socialization and is instrumental in releases. He particularly enjoys the projects of building cages and pens.

Pam and Bill Lefferts

Always lovers of animals, the Lefferts operated a hobby farm for many years prior to retirement. In 2016 they began the process of becoming Wildlife rehabilitators and in early 2017 they opened Ferncroft Wildlife Rescue.  They believe it is the perfect volunteer opportunity for retirees and love to share their passion and knowledge of how and what “rehabbing” entails. Specializing in opossum, the Lefferts especially enjoy sharing knowledge about these misunderstood gentle creatures.

Ferncroft Wildlife Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization with permits to provide educational programs in CT, MA and RI.  The Lefferts hold special Federal permits and State approval to keep educational animals. It is illegal for any person, other than a state appointed rehabilitator, to care for wildlife.

Bella and Mango are non-releasable opossums, who join the Lefferts as “spokespossums” for Ferncroft.  Bella suffered a broken arm and foot when her mama was hit by a car.  Bella has limited use of that arm, but she is without a doubt the sweetest opossum you will ever meet.  Mango suffered mobility injuries as well as development issues.  He is the youngest of the ambassadors.

Ambassador animals used for educational programs help bring an awareness and understanding of opossums and other wildlife through hands-on interactive moments.