Did You Know?

*Virginia Opossums are the only native marsupial in the U.S.

*Opossums give birth after 13 days. Neonates crawl into a pouch to fully develop. At 6-8 weeks, joeys begin to leave the pouch but will ride on mama’s back until 4-5 mos. old.

*An opossum’s normaL body temperature is 90-95 degrees. The rabies virus does not survive at this low temp.

*Opossums are an ecological clean up crew, eating grubs, carion, and thousands of ticks.

*Opossums have prehensile tails for grasping, balance, and to carry nesting materials – but do not hang from their tail.

*Opossums are non-aggressive. They hiss and show many teeth (opossum smile) to intimidate and may give a deep guttural growl or play dead if threatened.

 * Main predators of opossums are dogs, foxes, coyotes, hawks, and owls.

*Opossums are nocturnal. They have poor eyesight and hearing, and rely on their excellent sense of smell to hunt.

*A group opossums is a “passel.” Males are Jacks, females Jills, and babies Joeys. Their life span is 2-3 yrs.

*They have a hard  life – especially in cold climates.

Please Be Kind to Opossums

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